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12 months ago

Thank you!

Opportunity Hack family,


Before we all crash for the next few days, we wanted to take the time to thank the Galvanize, volunteers, mentors, sponsors, non-profits, and judges that came together to make Opportunity Hack a success this year!  In total we had 7 problem statements, 14 non-profits in attendance, 44 mentors/volunteers, and 111 hackers that created 27 teams – the most we’ve ever had in Arizona.


All teams have been listed at - click on a team to see more details about their project.  All teams were very motivated to complete something to impact their community.  By taking time out of your weekend, you helped us to use your talents and enabled others to help local non-profits step into technology and solutions that was likely unknown to them.


We’ll continue to follow-up with winning statement of work teams to ensure they finish their end of the deal.  Aside from this, PayPal also sponsors senior capstone projects to further complete Opportunity Hack projects.


We hope to see you again next year!  Look for us to reach out to you in the spring time to start this all over again!


We’re always looking to make this better, if you have some time, please fill out this survey -


Opportunity Hack AZ Staff